Golf Cart Repairs that Come to You

Republic EV provides full-service golf car repair services wherever you happen to be.

For minor repairs, our technicians will visit your home and perform the repairs you need. If your cart needs major repairs, we’ll tow it back to our garage to perform them at our cart repair facility.

If your car isn’t functioning properly, contact Republic EV today to schedule an initial repair consultation today.

Electric Golf Cart Repair in Houston, TX

Most of the golf carts in the nation run on electricity. They’re easy to charge, run a long time, and are simple to maintain.

Electric vehicle repairs can be difficult, especially if you’re used to working on gas engines.

Republic EV can help. We’re able to handle all electric cart repairs, from complete battery replacement to tire repairs.

If you need electric golf cart repairs, contact us today to speak with a technician about how we can help.

Gas Golf Cart Repair in Houston, TX

The good news about these carts is that they’re really similar to a small car engine. This makes repairs simpler if you have the right parts.

If you’re unsure you can handle the job, Republic EV can help. We offer mobile gas cart repair services throughout the Houston, TX, area.

For smaller repairs, we can work onsite, but if you need a major overhaul, we’ll tow your cart back to our garage.

If your gas golf cart needs repairs, contact us today to speak with a technician about how we can help.

Golf Cart Repair Shop

No tools? Now trailer? No problem!

Contact Republic EV, and we can handle all the repairs for your gas or electric golf cart.

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